A person might suddenly feel the pain in his back and it can be caused due to many reasons. Wrong way of sitting and relaxing on the chair can cause back pain, sleeping on too much of soft spongy beds can cause back pain or sometimes when someone becomes too much enthusiastic and  over exercises in the gym, can also be one of the causes of having a sore back.

Back pain also occurs when the muscles are not active for a long time and it is moved in an unusual way suddenly. When we do too much of a strenuous exercise, it might result in tear of our back muscles and can easily result in pain.

If we are very much stressed out emotionally, there is a tension created on the muscles around the neck and we feel a pain on the back of our neck. So tension in our daily life can contribute to back pain.  Any kind of pressure, whether it is a pressure to perform at work or it is financial pressure, these are the things which put extreme pressure on our muscles and we experience muscle pulls and it results in pain.

Majority of the back pains does not originate from wrong way of sitting; most of them are caused when the muscles or tissues attached with our backbone are put under too much of a pressure. A back problem or back pain can make an individual really weak; it can leave an individual in a bad mood with a sort of lethargy. He does not feel like working as it goes with the saying that a healthy body is equal to healthy mind.

When we chat over the phone with a friend for long hours but not using a headset can put lot of stress on the back region of our neck and eventually causes a lot of pain and sufferings.

Many of us have a bad habit of sleeping in an unusual posture, when we get up in the next morning we find that we have a sore neck and we can’t even move it properly and it is very painful. Sometimes it becomes so painful that we end up suffering from fever due to the pain. It becomes so serious at times.

It also happens to us when we go on writing for a long time with our neck bending sideways, it is extremely important to do some simple exercises of our neck as well as our back to keep our body as flexible and fit.

Back pain affects the players too. If they find that they are suffering from back pain one fine morning, they would be unavailable for the soccer or rugby match, or even baseball match. It is extremely crucial for the players to remain always fit. We are aware that the doctors advise the players not to sleep on very spongy mattresses or on a pillow in order to avoid stiff neck. Especially the night before the soccer match rugby match or baseball match. At the end of the day if the players cannot turn up for the match due these injuries it is not entertained by the management. Especially if it happens on a daily basis, after all they are professionals, so invariably that puts stress on the players.